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Terms & Conditions
  • Advance Reservations are required.†
  • Fare quotes do include a fuel charge, airport/seaport fees and drivers gratuity unless otherwise noted†
  • Reservations cancelled more than 72 hours before your first scheduled trip will be issued a full refund.† After the 72 hour cancellation period, there are no refunds for any reason.
  • A No Show will be considered if we do not have contact with you within 30 minutes of your scheduled† pick up time.
  • We are not responsible for late arriving flights or cruise ships. If your flight/ship is delayed and you do† not call, you will be considered a no-show and a refund will not be issued.
  • Wait time for the first 30 minutes after scheduled pick up time is complimentary. Each 30 minutes† thereafter is charged at a rate of $50.00 incrementally.††
  • We will not be responsible for delays caused by breakdowns, road conditions, weather, or other† conditions beyond our control.††
  • The transportation company reserves the right to substitute equipment based on operational needs.†
  • Alianza Transportation makes every attempt to run on-time according to our schedules, however,† traffic conditions and weather may alter our departure and arrival times. When this happens, we make† every attempt to communicate with our passengers to keep them informed as to the cause of the† delay and the estimated time of departure / arrival. We thank you in advance for your patience and† understanding the unavoidable delays are beyond our control†
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Is the price per person?

No, the prices listed above are per trip.

Do you offer shared rides?
No, Alianza Transportation is ONLY specialized providing private shuttle door to door Ė no sharing. We can always recommend companies that provide that type of service.

Why is having my cell phone on and with me so important?
The cell phone number you provided when you placed your reservation is how your driver will be in touch with you. If you donít have that cell number with you or you donít have your phone on, the driver will not be able to find you. If after 30 minutes of no contact with you, your party is considered a NO SHOW and the driver will leave. No refund will be given and an additional charge to come and transport you may be charged.

Do you offer transportation Between Fort Lauderdale and Miami?
Yes, we provide quick and easy transportation between the two airports and cruise ports.

What cities do you provide transportation to?
Alianza Transportation provides transportation all over southeast Florida counties and its cities.

What is a private shuttle?
Private door to door service - no sharing. We pick you up at your home, hotel, port or airport, and transfer you wherever you want to go.

What type of vehicle is used?
ur fleet includes: 10 passenger vans, 14 passenger vans, 25 passenger shuttle bus, 33-passenger Krystal, 50-passenger motor coach. All the vehicles are new, clean and well maintained.

Can you accommodate large groups?
Yes! Alianza Transportation Inc provides transportation for large groups. If you are traveling with 15 or more people in your party Contact us for group rates.

How much luggage can I bring?
The vehicle is equipped to transit the same amount of luggage as an airline - 2 checked bags and 1 carry-on per person. If you have more bags, tell us in advance.

Is the driverís gratuity included?
Yes, the driverís gratuity is included. If you are pleased with the service, you are welcome to give the driver an extra tip!

Are all the Fees included in the price?
Yes, toll road charges, airport & port charges are included.

I am traveling with children. Are car seats provided?
Yes, child car seats are available, at no additional charge. If you need a car seat please notify us in advance.

Are the vehicles handicapped accessible?
No, there isnít a ramp for wheelchairs. However, there is room to stow the chair. Most of the vehicles have 3 steps.

What if I need to cancel my transportation?
We have a 72 hour cancellation policy - with No Cancellation Penalty. After the 72 hour cancellation period, there are no refunds. Charge may apply if Canceling you reservation

How do I reserve transportation?
Reservation center hours are open Monday Ė Sunday 8:00 am Until 5:00 pm Call us at 954-347-5005 or 954-347-0567 also you can submit all the information by e-mail we will reply with a confirmation and reservation number. A major Credit Card is required to book all reservations. Payments in cash can be ade as long there is a credit card on file.

Why are the rates from Fort Lauderdale Airport to all the other locations so cheap?
Alianza Transportation is located 3 miles away from the Fort Lauderdale Airport and only 1 mile way from the the Port Everglades and we own our fleet.
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